Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family Time Weekend - Kroger, Costco, Trader Joe's

Darling Bride wasn't feeling well last weekend.  So, it was my privilege to perform some hunting and gathering of groceries!  It is a great opportunity because we are supposed to work as a team.

Growing up was a one parent household since the 1970s.  So we all learned to work together.  Ironically, I think that skill has helped my own marriage thrive.

Our Number 1 choice is Trader Joe's.  The quality is good, the prices are right, the help friendly, and my fellow shoppers don't seem to mind that we are in a tight squeeze when the store is crowded.

Next, there is Costco for what we cannot get at Trader Joe's.  From water softener salt to lots of fruit (we like a lot of fruit), we hope to get all our groceries bought between the two.

Finally, we go to Kroger for what is left.  Kroger is nearby my office so it is like a convenience store.  Hopefully we will be getting some Laura's Lean Beef from there sometime.

Sometimes Darling Bride and I go to Trader Joe's and Costco for date nights.  More fun than going alone, but I'll happily go alone to keep the pantry full!

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  1. I tell you, I can't thank you enough for going the laws two weeks, I think it was! It was all I could do to keep the house going, kids taught and carted around while I was fighting that awful virus. Thank you!