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Hello!  I'm Jeff Hoots, and what do my family adventures have to do with anything you care about?  Why would I blog about them to boot?  Will reading about my life help you live yours any better?  Glad you asked!  Here's why (but first, welcome!)

I have a triple life as husband, dad, and certified public accountant.  If that weren't enough, I also consider myself a writer, weekend warrior, and recovering donut and diet soda devotee.  The way I see it, I am privileged to be called by God to fulfill these roles.

Jennifer, whom I affectionately call Darling Bride, and who blogs here, and I were married in October, 1994.  In February, 1994 we had two cats, Abbey and Bonney.  Yes, we had cats before we were married.  We upgraded to human kids starting in 1998.  The kids remain even though Abbey and Bonney have been replaced by Dorothy Dumpling and Sir Giles Purr Biscuit, quirky rescue cats.
As a family, we have done some things well, such as taken our commitment to each other, to our family, and to God seriously.  We've done some things poorly, such as creating our own economic trials.  We've been blessed, including learning together as a homeschooling family and being salt & light in our local high school.  We've also waited and prayed as our youngest spent the first month of his life in the hospital with a potentially fatal condition.  When God's providence chose that he would beat the odds (that's him in the above photo), I believed that we have been blessed to be a blessing to others.

Somewhere along the way, we changed from young 20-somethings to young 40-getting-close-to-50-somethings.  The purpose of this blog is chronicle some events and perhaps help you in your journey, too.  Not wanting my "learning experiences" to go to waste, I write about them, and you get to benefit.  As a result, you are reading a Man Blog, a Dad Blog, and a Life Blog, all rolled into one.  How's that for efficient?

I thought about the title "Family Adventurist" for a long time because my life fits the definition of adventure - "an exciting or remarkable experience."  But I didn't know that if I change "adventure" into adventurist, I get either "defiance or disregard of accepted standards of behavior" or "rash or irresponsible policies, methods, or actions, especially in political or international affairs."  Oops.  That's not me.

Back in 2006, Darling Bride encouraged me to start blogging as a way for her to know my thoughts a little better.  So I did, writing for an audience of her only.  While doing so, I had rediscovered my passion for good reading and good writing.  I had a passion and an outlet!  I was even featured as "Blogger of The Week" on a previous blog about being a homeschooling dad.  Then life happened.  My writing slowed down, then stopped.  Being busy became an excuse to take six months off, write a little more, take six months off, yada yada yada.

Then a whole lot of life happened.  A light bulb went off.  While launching my CPA firm's site, I decided to get serious about my own writing again.  Today, I am too busy not to write.

While this blog's purpose is simple, I admit that the execution is not.  I've never been content to do things the easy way, so here I am trying my luck in a genre dominated more and more by women - blogging about life.  It may be harder than typical guy stuff like watching an oversized TV, thinking about power tools, or overhauling my mini-van's transmission, but I promise you this:

Like you, I win some, lose some, have good days and bad days.  I promise to show you my world - with honesty and humor.

Maybe you are a busy husband who wants more time with your wife and kids.  Maybe you are a newlywed trying to figure your new reality out.  Maybe you got yourself into a jam and are looking for a friend.
If you've found yourself all grown up, then this blog is for you.

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