Friday, June 24, 2011

More Reflections on My Early 1980s

The Summer of 1981 was a hit!
Tuesday was the First Day of Summer (using capital letters to give the Day the respect it deserves).

I shall forever associate summer with joy and happiness because of youthful carefree, fun times.

Doing Nothing

No School!

In the Summer of 1981, my baseball team went 11-1 and won 1st place.  I got 10 hits in 30 at bats.

Even as a working stiff in a comfortable desk job, when I think of Summer, I think joy. 

Looking forward to a weekend of carefree and fun, if the Lord allows.

Besides, I have a love greater than baseball to spend the Summer of 2011 with:
How did I get so blessed?

Now I am measuring memories in decades, not years.  But that's OK in light of eternity.

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