Monday, June 27, 2011

Cutting Class, At My Age?

With my enlistment papers and fellow troops
As men, husbands, and fathers, how are we doing on juggling our priorities?  Do we make adjustments when necessary?

This past Saturday, I was registered to attend an all day seminar at church about "soul care," or lay Biblical counselling.  The weather forecast read partly cloudy and in the 70s.

So I e-mailed the coordinator at church and said I would not be attending.
The future's so bright....

This Spring and Summer to date, beautiful days have been few and far between, and I wasn't going to let one get away.  So I chose to skip class and declare a Family Day.

Here's how the day went:
  • Sleep in until 7 or so (over our cat's objection)
  • Coffee and Quiet Time with Darling Bride
  • Breakfast with family
  • Trip to Conner Prairie Interactive History Museum
  • At said museum, enlisted in the Indiana Cavalry to defend Indiana against Morgan's Raiders during the Civil War
  • Dinner at home
  • Star Trek, thanks to Netflix
...I've got to wear shades (and she a bonnet)!
While I passed on a day of training, we had a fun Saturday together as a family.  That was more important.

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