Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Psalm 83

Graphic from College Park Church, Indianapolis
Doesn't it appear as if the enemy is winning?

The hoax of evolutionary worldview attempts to masquerade as truth.  God's law is compromised, such as New York's new gay marriage.  An opponent worthy to defeat Barack Obama is hard to find.

What does Psalm 83 say about this?

At church this summer, our sermon series is on selected Psalms.  In Psalm 83, the psalmist Asaph writes because surrounding nations intend to Attack Israel.  The psalm's outline:
  • Evil is growing
  • We are hurting
  • The future looks scary
  • We are overwhelmed
  • Rescue us again
  • Show them your power
  • Convert them
  • Judge them
  • Exalt Yourself
 The biggest surprise in Psalm 83 is verse 16, "...that they may seek your name, O LORD."

As part of God's deliverance, Asaph prays that Israel's enemies would turn to God!

So I'm convicted because I don't pray for the conversion of God's present day enemies:  those who persecute Christians, those who insist on public policy contrary to God's wisdom.  Wouldn't it be amazing if God's enemies became converts?

Maybe not so amazing after all.  Anybody who is a Christian was once God's enemy.  I was once God's enemy.  If you follow Jesus, you were once God's enemy. - "For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son..." Romans 5:10

So what if we prayed for the conversion of God's present day enemies?

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