Friday, March 20, 2009

Reinventing myself again.

At age 43, I am still re-inventing myself (the photo is someone re-inventing the wheel on a napkin. Get it? :-). I'm finding myself having to be more of a risk taker than I'm used to.

One recent example is in my moonlighting job, a Tax Professional at H & R Block. One would think of a tax preparer who reads questions from a computer, waits for a customer's response, then keystrokes the data. Not so. Today's successful Tax Professional is a dynamic, thoughtful combination of tax knowledge and interpersonal communicator. Additionally, we have the responsibility to build value for everybody by winning and retaining clients, finding added value services, and marketing ourselves and our brand. I'm not one to ask others to do something (ask my Darling Bride who asked who to get married). But after the agony of plucking up courage of asking clients to take advantage of opportunities we present, some say yes. It is exciting to be influential in a good way. So I have to take the risk of asking others to do things, even when those things would benefit them.

Continuing, thinking through my leadership role at my local church. What if I start pursuing an M.B.A. and have to make priority choices? I think I might need and M.B.A. to be qualified for my next job, and a job allows me to proivde for my family, etc...Taking risks of what to say "yes" to and what to say "no" to.

At home. I've been struggling with finding quantitiy time for family, as tax season is in full swing. I will be re-inventing myself again starting April 16th. Finally, I will be with my family again. I miss them. That's another consideration. The family photo I keep on my desk is not just decoration, it is my motivation to keep going, and to keep re-inventing myself. The risk of balancing the need of having to go earn grocery money and the need of being home with my family.

Isn't "re-inventing oneself" another name for being conformed to the image of Christ if you are a follower of Him? Whatever it is, call it a work in progress.

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