Monday, March 16, 2009

If it is a holiday, and you have to work, is it a holiday?

DISCLAIMER: This is a light hearted look at work and holidays. Don't be offended.

Recently one of my Sunday School classmembers mentioned the holiday of St. Patrick's Day.

Now I know that I may offend someone if I say that St. Patrick's Day is not a holiday.

But it's not. Here's how I know: I still have to go to work. If I go to work, holiday - no. If I get a day off, holiday - yes. Simple.

Of course, what may be a holiday for my may not be for you. And what may be a holiday for you may not be for me.

President's Day? Guess it depends on if you are a banker or not. Valentine's Day? I still went to work and the trash collectors still picked up my trash. Arbor Day? When is Arbor Day, anyway?

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day? Yes, I know some people still have to work, but I don't get much time off work, so I'll take 'em. They make summer a little extra special.

How about the big majors, like Christmas, and Thanksgiving? I know that public servants, like Police, Fire, soldiers, Marines, and such, have to work those days, because safety never takes a holiday. So I don't know what to say about that yet. I do know, though, that I am thankful for those who put themselves on the line for us every day. But those are real holidays - put away the cares of the world for a day, play, eat, be with family, think of God, and have 24 hours of peace.

If you like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, go right ahead! It may be a holiday for you, and that's OK! Good for you! Drink something green for me. I will be wearing something green at work.

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