Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Marching Music Taught Me About Parenting This Week

As enjoyed from the top row!
In this week's adventure, we will consider the power of encouraging loved ones' interests and abilities, especially if they are different than ours, and having fun along the way.

The setting:

Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts pro football team.  But we're not at a football game.  We're at the Drum Corps International World Championships (abbreviated DCI).

36 hours ago, I had never heard of it either.  #1 Son explains it as marching band without woodwinds.  DCI is considered the "marching music's major league." He is very happy to be here.  He sees band friends from school here and there, quite an accomplishment considering the paid attendance of 22,085.

Think high school or college football game marching band with just drums and horn type instruments (tubas, trombones, trumpets...).  DCI also has color guard (those who somehow manage to twirl and throw the flags and rifles without dropping them).

I'll buy the "major league" description.  #1 son's marching band directors teach that marching band can be compared to taking a college aptitude test and running a marathon at the same time.  So this is hard work, people.

We're at the stadium watching twelve bands, called corps, with names such as Concord (California) Blue Devils, Boston Crusaders, and Madison (Wisconsin) Scouts.  After a season of tours and preliminaries, tonight is the final championship.

This isn't how I thought I'd be spending time at stadiums with my kids. 
I have yet to take my kids to a major league baseball game, professional football, basketball, or hockey game - all things I've done since I was 11.  Who would've thought?

Instead, #1 son is very excited to be watching and listening to this competition.

What did I learn tonight?  Warning - bullet points coming:
  • Darling Bride, #1 Son, Darling Daughter, and #2 Son each have their own special set of gifts, talents, and interests.
  • Each of the above's gifts, talents, and interests are not the same as my gifts, talents, and interests.
  • Our family's mission statement is to "discover, nurture, and fulfill God's will for us."  While that includes Christlikeness as Job #1, that also includes working that out through the aforementioned gifts, talents, and abilities.
  • The way he was able to point out nuanced details during the performances reminded me of how I do the same at a baseball game.
Also, other peoples' interests can sometimes be a lot of fun!  I had a great time, and as the competition moved forward, I was on Twitter reading and sending tweets like crazy.  I've already got the 2016 World Championships on my calendar for next August!
Somehow this excellent life experience fits into affirming his enthusiasm for music.  If he knows I am encouraging him to be him, instead of him being me 2.0, he can pursue his dreams with more confidence.

My interests are merely entertainment and leisure.  My kids' interests could be influencing college, career, and life choices that could impact them now and into the future.

Action Point
What are your loved ones passionate about, but you haven't yet pursued, that you could immerse yourself into this week with them?  

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