Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Grocery Shopping Date Nights Rock!

Thursday nights are our "weekly date nights" that many marriage experts say that married couples should have.  While the idealists, or perhaps the newlyweds, would dream of fancy restaurants, movies, sunsets walking hand in hand, and other such fantasies, we have the weekly pleasure of acquiring provisions for the next week.  Some also call that grocery shopping.

True:  If time and money weren't a problem, a romantic few hours would be a beautiful thing.

Also true:  Time and money are problems.  So we use what we have.

On Thursdays, the kids get to go to their weekly karate class through the Gospel Martial Arts Union.  That gives us 2 whole hours, and we choose to go to Costco and Trader Joe's.  Here's why I think this is awesome:
  • Two hours with just Darling Bride and me is two hours, and I'll take it!
  • Our weekly groceries and related stuff comes to about $225 to $250 per week.  With respect to the "feed your family on $40 per week" crowd, we have chosen to avoid as much processed and non-organic food as is administratively feasible.  That is not done on the cheap.
  • If we're going on a shopping spree for $250, we may as well enjoy it!
  • Groceries for the week represent other fun times coming up through the week:  our Saturday grilling, maybe providing snacks for our small group, maybe an extended family event, maybe an upcoming camping trip...
  • I happen to like Costco and Trader Joe's.
  • Costco appears to have good quality, and when careful, the pricing can be right.  It is not too crowded on Thursday nights.
  • Trader Joe's is one of my weekly highlights!  Our store is very friendly and helpful, and even though there seems to be something every week they are out of, they have good stuff at good prices.  So, going there each week is a treat!
  • During my work busy season, February through mid-April, I don't get to go at all because I'm working late preparing income taxes for clients.  So, I cannot take even simple things like this for granted.

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