Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Get Addicted to Disc Golf

  1. Have conversation with Darling Bride about how to get high school aged son away from sitting at his computer all day.
  2. Start brainstorming ideas.
  3. Remember that I played disc golf a lot in college.
  4. Suggest disc golf.
  5. Buy starter set of discs plus 2 extra.
  6. Take family to disc golf course at local park.
  7. Plan works!  High school son really likes it!
  8. Bonus!  Darling Bride and other kids like it too!
  9. Buy another $100 worth of discs.
  10. Bonus!  Father in law likes disc golf too!
  11. Desire $40 golf bag.
  12. Christmas is coming!

1 comment:

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