Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working Wednesday - Tax Season Temptation

Just Like the 1970s commercials, "The Real Thing."
Well, here it is with less than 3 weeks left and I saw it, sitting in the back, behind the Coke Zero, Perrier Water, Diet A & W Root Beer, someone's salad dressing, and someone else's week old sandwich.  I think it is the last one.  Tastes great, but more filling.

There could be big trouble for me when I get home.  Sorry Darling Bride, but I couldn't stay on the wagon today.  Sigh.

UPDATE:  After about half the can, that was enough.  Back to water.  Besides, rumor has it that the caramel coloring is a cancer causing agent - a "cola-cinogen?"  Anyway, the phase is past and I still have enough credibility to write a post this weekend about losing 25 pounds.

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  1. Tisk, tisk! Perhaps you even out your vice by getting up to exercise? :-)