Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goal Achieved! 25 Pounds Lost!

When's the last time I saw the lighter side of 200#?
It is Family Time Weekend, a closer look at the family part of balancing family, work, and other areas of life.

Who wants to be fat, middle aged, and inactive?  Show of hands?  Seeing none, I would hope, let's talk about how losing 25 pounds is a family man issue (actually 26 and counting, but who's counting?)

One afternoon, I was outside playing with the kids.  Before long, I was sucking wind big time (by that I mean the heavy, laborious breathing like an out of shape bubba).

Last camping season, I would open up our pop-up camper first thing to get set up for the weekend.  It uses a hand crank has to go around about 50 times before the roof is all the way up.  That tired me out!  Yikes!  Getting tired before the camping trip has begun!

The Indiana Dunes Fitness Plan!
At the end of tax season last year, I weighed 224.  During the summer trips to the beach and swimming pool, I wore a rash guard not only to protect me from UV rays, but also to protect others from having to look at me.  So it became time.  After a slow start, this New Year's Resolution seems to have stuck.

This is not setup to sell you some funky video or phony pill.  On the other hand, I did use funky videos sometimes.  Leslie Sansone may be goofy, and her videos are marketed to women, but I did get results by using her 3 mile walk a 2 or 3 times a week.

OK, so now you know why it is time for me to get serious.  Here's the how:
  • No gimmicks.  
  • No falling for the latest popular idea.
  • Hard work and dedication.
  • Getting up at 5:30 am to exercise 4 or 5 days a week.
  • Enjoying workouts more than high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart attack risk.
  • Enjoying walking, bicycling, and playing with kids more than doughnuts.
  • Trusting Darling Bride and her efforts to replace our family's food supply with real food, not processed high fructose corn syrup.
  • Not being afraid of full fat dairy.  I've heard the French don't avoid it either.
  • More hard work and dedication.
Maybe not manly, but this worked for me!
Once Darling Bride and I decided together that now is the time to do this, that really changed things.  She has read books, read food labels, read blogs and websites, had conversations, made a plan, changed shopping habits, gotten rid of high fructose corn syrup, and made this change real.  That's more than any fad diet or funky video will ever do.

Is it your turn to start losing 25 pounds or more? (I'd like another 10 on my fitness resume).  Then plan on a 9 month to 1 year project.  Do fitness, food, fun, and a friend.  And tell us about it!


  1. You're a great friend to me to give up donuts and the like. Thank you.

  2. Great job! And I can tell your wife is proud of you, because she posted this on Google+.

    My husband has been working out too, and yesterday he was under 100kg for the first time in ages. I'm so proud of him.