Friday, March 27, 2009

God's Protection Over Me

This week I've chosen to see God's hand of protection over me instead of being unhappy that He hasn't blessed me more.

Compare the photo of me uploaded with this post to the photo with my profile. Same person, same time of the year, different cameras with different lenses. One photo is a blessing, one is a curse. Just goes to show that how we see life depends upon the lens and perspective we have.

One way among many that God is protecting me that was always there, but I've been reminded of:

Word came this week that another marriage in my extended family is failing in a big way. The lens and perspective I have at the moment allows me to see God's protection over me, my own marriage, and my own family life.

God's grace, God's word and my application of it to my life, allowing His influence, and Scripture influenced decision making have made the difference. My own marriage and family are vibrant and growing because of the saving and keeping work of Jesus Christ. I have a relationships with my kids. I'm connected in my local church, including a small group that provided interdependence. Even as I struggle with synergizing the need to earn a living and the need to be home with my family, we are working together to keep it in line. And we're waiting for the end of tax season, then a big family celebration.

The "world" would predict that failure is my destiny. Jesus Christ says that being like Him is my destiny. When Jesus comes and transforms, He doesn't usually do it with flash and dance, shock and awe. Instead, it is a quiet, behind the scenes work built around who He is, what He as done, and what He is doing, and using truth to influence decision making.

Usually, I struggle because I don't feel as blessed as I ought to be. True, He throws financial trials my way to make sure He has my attention. That manifiests itself in my having to be intentional about counting my blessings. This week counting my blessings got a whole lot easier when I noticed that I've been protected from problems that others I care about have.

Now the call is to find out how to come alongside my struggling comrades...

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  1. Very good thoughts. I like the angle of the camera lens. Good metaphor.