Friday, February 20, 2009

Thankful for two jobs!

This is busy season for me as work is concerned. I have a full time job as an accounting and information administrator for our bakery,; then during tax season a tax professional at This week I put in 64 hours, last week 68.

I am not a workaholic. I'd rather stay home and play. And teach homeschool lessons. But we as a family agree to do this because we've committed to being a one wage earner family, and this provides a chance for Darling Bride to be home and do what she's called to do, be "busy at home" (her blog title, too -

By the way, what does Darling Bride say about being home and not out in the world striking it rich?

"This career thing is so overrated."

So we have our roles. Sometimes they are easy, sometimes they are hard. Come April 16, I'm back to a regular life. We'll go camping, play in the back yard, and play some more.

Sometimes it takes a little extra to make life work out. And, I'm thankful for two jobs when some dads I know have zero.

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