Monday, February 23, 2009

I got one right this weekend!

I got one right this weekend: I sat down to play a board game with my daughter on Sunday night.

She'd been asking all weekend. I'd been holding off, hoping to compromise by getting her to agree to some Wii Sports.

My oldest son did agree to some Wii Sports. I beat him in tennis and baseball. I feel badly about that, but probably more badly than he felt (or didn't feel) when he destroyed me in tennis and baseball in earlier times. But I digress.

The point is that I HAD to get a game in with Darling Daughter before the weekend disappeared forever. We played "Life," the old, old version before credit cards and other bizarre stuff ruined it forever. Great game. She showed her true calling when she came to a fork in the road and passed up a chance to collect $240,000 and instead added a daughter. What a girl! I HAD to get this game played because otherwise, a chance to lead in my household would have come and gone. Maybe later she would choose the cash over the family. Maybe later, in real life, she would. But for today, at age 9, she did not.

As a CPA, time with family comes few and far between until April 15 passes. I could have refused a chance to bond with my daughter and the rest of the family, but I did not. But I almost did. That scares me a little bit.

Hopefully you will choose the same. Or hopefully I will choose wisely again the next time.

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  1. Great stuff and a good reminder. I love playing games with my kids. It always props open little windows into their souls. My boys thump me soundly when we play any video game, but they love it!

    Thanks for the encouragement!