Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why I Don't Miss Disc Golf (not much)

Family fitness is always "in!"
Have you found yourself having to get your kids out from behind their computer screens?

We did a few years ago.  Darling Bride and I were talking about how to get our oldest to do something outside, away from his computer.  We brainstormed some ideas, and came up with disc golf, inspired from my playing both golf and ultimate disc in both high school and college.  

The idea took off - our family would go about once a week.  We invested in discs, bags, even a basket to practice at home.  Things change.  Darling Daughter bought a 1976 Schwinn Collegiate with her snow shoveling money.  Oldest Son got a Gary Fisher brand mountain bike from a friend.  Youngest Son got a commuter bike.    Darling Bride and I got our Treks professionally tuned up.  The ride is on.

Last summer, when I played a round of disc golf by myself while Darling Bride bicycled around the same park at the same time, it occurred to me that I wasn't very bright.  I could be enjoying some quality time with my wife!  The family's golf discs are unused so far this year, except for a round I did this spring.

This season, we as a family try to get all 5 of us out on the bikes as many days as we can, weather permitting.  We have bike carriers for going to destination trails.  We are getting in shape, getting outside, have an organized bike tour in our sights, and we're spending (a little) less time in front of the TVs and computer screens.  Darling Bride's parents even join us when they can.

Isn't that what we wanted in the first place?  Something fun and active we can all do together!  So far this has been quite an active and engaging summer.

Are you arranging your priorities so that you are active in something your whole family can enjoy?  Is there something you can give up for something more important?  It is worth it, and you'll be glad you did.

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