Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Joy of Family Vacation Week!

More valuable than gold:  this past week our family had a week off.  Considering that Labor Day Weekend is upon us, I suppose you have already had your family vacation.  Even so, perhaps a bullet point list of my observations with an occasional commentary may be of interest to you:
  • As valuable as work is, I really like getting to take a week off to goof off and go play.
  • Taking a week off when everybody else is back at school is cool - the Indiana Dunes State Park campground was only half full!
  • Being a homeschool family and having the freedom to take the last week in August off is really cool.
  • Starting our homeschool year in early August in order to take a week off in late August is cooler than I thought - I'm still getting used to this "starting school during summer" business.
  • Camping is like fish and guests:  after 3 days, it gets old - we love to camp, but after 3 nights, we love our own beds too.
  • Disc golf is my new favorite obsession - I played a lot in college, and have re-discovered it when our whole family tried it for something to do to get out of the house.
  • My Darling Bride truly is my best friend.
  • Having older kids is a blessing - we get to do older kid stuff - see disc golf, above.
  • Good weather begets bad blogging - I thought with 10 days off my day job in a row, I'd be all over my blogging!  But no!  The weather has been too good - we've been outdoors instead.  As I write this, what's left of Hurricane Isaac is limping through Central Indiana
  • All good things must come to an end.  Labor Day Monday ends our 10 days off in a row.  For me, it is back to work.  For my family and me, it is back to homeschooling.  It will be fine once we get back to it, but for now, I'm still on vacation.
Even got to hang out with my own mom in Chicago!
What do you think of family vacations?  Is your free time a blessing to yourself, and to them?

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