Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy New Homeschool Year! Changes Abound...

As you can see, I was once a high schooler.  Now I am a dad of a high schooler!  A "new year" is coming for us families with school age kids, what are you doing differently this year?  Our family's new homeschool year begins today, and I'm responsible...
Responsible for our new high school.  We have an incoming freshman this year!  Yes, high school is "change" compared to the what school has been before.  Ryan is 14 and he enthusiastically writes about looking forward to his new adventure at Do It Yourself High School.

By the way, Do It Yourself High School is a new joint venture between Ryan and me in more ways than one!  We are excited about:

1.  The responsibility for leading our oldest son's education and training is changing from his mother to me.  One one hand, the dad (that's me) is always the one in charge of teaching and leading his children.  Consider Ephesians 6:4 - Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

On the other hand, mom generally gets the "heavy lifting" of curriculum, lesson plans, and follow through.  Dads like me are called to leave home in the morning, work in an office, then come home for dinner.
Another change for us is that now I'm Ryan's contact person as he works through English, Algebra, Biology, History & Geography, Latin, Martial Arts, Church & Bible, Guitar, etc.

Lord, help me follow through on character development as well!

2.  We are also excited about Do It Yourself High School as a new Blog Ryan and I are launching as we journal the next 4 years of this journey together as father and son.  We desire to build a tribe of (among others) fathers and sons (and fathers and daughters) who will follow through the homeschool adventure through the high school years.

Not only do we have a high schooler, we also have junior high and upper elementary.  Mom continues to administer that portion.

Another thing changing is my attitude about school in August.  We as a family have chosen what I once thought unthinkable - starting before Labor Day.  Once upon a time I thought that school days in August were treason against summer, childhood, family vacations, post WW II America, and everything else decent and good.  When I was in Junior High about 1979 - 1980, one year we started on August 27.  I was robbed.  Now that seems late by today's standards. Little did I know that government schools were robbing me of more than the last few days of summer, but that's another post for another day.

So why the change?  Flexibility.  Later this year, when we are vacationing in Indiana Dune country and Chicago, we will think about those who are stuck in school.  When May comes and we are finishing up, we will be happy we got an early start.  Miss 7th grader is "kinda" looking forward to school starting, Mr. 5th grader is looking forward without reservation.

Now it is your turn.  Ready or not, it is "Happy New Year!"  Think of a positive change or two you are making (or can make).  Tell us about it!

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