Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little More Summer, A Little Less Computer

This summer has been driving me nuts.  This crazy heat and drought has kept us home, away from camping since Memorial Day, but finally, some real summer action!  This past weekend the young men and I joined some other families for an overnight camp out.  Thanks to Central Indiana Mensa Gifted Families Group!  Good change.  Maybe I've been staring at computer screens a little too much over the past several weeks.
About this computer screen thing.  I've become obsessed, maybe even addicted, to create a "wow" blog (to borrow from Michael Hyatt's book Platform (I'm such a name dropper - pathetic).  My obsession has taken me all over cyberspace learning about building tribes, web design, SEO, self-hosting, my voice, guest posting, and who knows what else.  Oh, I know what else - learning how to migrate from Blogger (I'm a die-hard Google fan) to Word Press (I'm glad I did).  This is how I've been spending my Saturdays.  Not bad.  I've met some new friends and co-laborers online.  We are all trying to be the next big A-list blog.  That's OK.
Then again, I've got cabin fever like it is the middle of February.  Darling Bride, too.  Our camping equipment has been sitting unused since May.
So, back to camping. It was great to be at a lake, in a tent, doing some camping things.  Looking forward to doing it again soon:
A family of 5 sleeping in a 144 square foot pop - up camper for a weekend.
Walking outside to use the
Hiking restroom.
Visiting the sites
Grilling out
Early mornings sipping coffee with my Darling Bride!

The weekend is coming up.  What can you do to get out from behind the computer and do something active?  You'll be glad you did.

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