Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Personal First - A Guest Post Gets Published

This week, I had the privilege of writing a guest post for DenSchool, a homeschool blog! Double privilege because this is the first guest post I've written and submitted, hopefully not my last.

The post is The Ultimate Father and Son Project, about how we are transitioning into the high school years, and includes a checklist of items we are (supposed to be) taking care of!

Their blog is a diverse collection of homeschooling essays.

DenSchool describes themselves this way:
One of the best features of DenSchool are the homeschooling parents who help to author the blog and where you will find real homeschoolig moms, and one homeschool dad, share their experiences with homeschooling, homeschooling products, and real life. These parents tell it like it is and share their real life experiences. Not only do they talk about their homeschooling and family journies, but they give honest reviews about curriculum and educational products.

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