Friday, June 29, 2012

The Heat is On, Way On

Frustrating, even though it could be worse.  Yikes!
This is about trying to keep our cool in record heat, both literally and figuratively.

Literally:  This weekend I had the unenviable responsibility of cancelling our weekend camping trip to Indiana Dunes State Park.  For three straight weeks now, we have either cancelled or postponed a camping trip for various reasons.  The pop-up sits in our driveway, waiting.

Figuratively:  This is very frustrating.  Weekends are hard to come by for working men like me.  They come along once every seven days or so, you know.  They are much too valuable to waste.
On the other hand, though, I do consider the extreme present circumstances in Florida and Colorado.  Upon further review, I realize that my trials about hot and uncomfortable weekends are not "trials" but instead really "trifles."  Yes, it is hot outside, yes, we are in a drought, yes, we've gone 5 weeks now without opening the pop-up, but this weekend we are safe at home, and if the air conditioner holds out, we will take it easy.

Even the air conditioner on top won't make
a camping trip safe or fun.
It is like winter, in a way - staying inside, allowing extra time for watching TV, playing video games, and reading.

How are you doing in the extremes of your life?


  1. Jenn and I talked about this extreme heat being like an Arctic blast of frozen air upon us yesterday. I ran errands yesterday afternoon and could not believe how hot the wind blew in my face. It felt like walking in the desert. I'm empathizing with you about not being able to go camping, but am so thankful that you all are safe and well. May the weather of fall weekends be perfect for camping. :-)

  2. I am counting the days to fall. :-)