Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Serve You Better, Programming Changes

Taking whatever life dishes out to me!
The purpose of this blog is to encourage all of us as we strive to "craft remarkable lives." The content is a selection of life experiences and lessons learned/go forwards.  Now that I'm taking this seriously, even though the audience is small, I desire to grow, so as part of continual improvement, some changes in blog posting routine:

Family Time Weekend, formerly posted on Saturday mornings, will become Family Weekend Wrap Up, posted Monday mornings.  This will enable observations and lessons learned of the past week's family adventures, fresh after the weekend.  I believe weekends to be prime family time.

Monday Morning Theologian will become Faithful Friday.  The idea is to focus on personal application and wrestling with Biblical truths - a journal of living as a Christ follower where I'm at and what I'm doing.  Quite frankly, I need to prioritize living out the truth I already know more so than meditating on more truths, (as important as that may be).

Indiana Dunes Tuesday expands its focus to include all of our family's favorite outdoor spots, from Indiana Dunes to Historic Madison, Indiana and everything in between.  What should I call it?  Maybe Outdoor Adventures Tuesday?

Working Wednesdays will also expand to Wild Card Wednesdays to include everything else that you may find interesting, from "work" to "whatever" to "whimsy."  Vocation and quality of life are very important, but the world of public accounting can only so exciting, ya' know.  Even this CPA firm in California prides itself on how boring it is.

Certainly not the last change, but here is what to expect for now:

Family Weekend Wrap Up
Outdoor Adventures Tuesday
Wild Card Wednesday
Faithful Friday

May this be an encouragement to you!

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