Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(Lake) Shore Leave - Lessons Learned

Air temperature about 95 degrees.
Water temperature about 65 degrees.
Average temperature about 80 degrees.
A full weekend of reality checks this past Memorial Day Weekend as our family took our second camping trip of the season to Indiana Dunes State Park:
  • God answered our prayers again by keeping us rain free!  However, just to make it interesting, He sent record heat.  Temperatures in the mid 90s.  I learned that God may answer prayers, but He still is in control.
  • One would suppose that going to the beach in 90 degree weather would be the ultimate!  In a way, yes, the water cools you down.  On the other hand, water temperatures at Lake Michigan in May are cold - this year about 64 degrees.  I learned that neither fire nor ice are comfortable.
  • We all experienced varying degrees of heat exhaustion and/or dehydration.  Darling Bride was the worst, and 10 year old son might not have been too far behind.  Be alert this hot summer!  Maybe sports drinks are more than just glorified sugar waters.
  • After all this, 12 year old daughter told me that she had a lot of fun.  That teaches that the effort is worth it.
  • We got home early on Monday so that we would have the afternoon to rest, recover, and prepare for the next day.  Back to the office for me.  We all learned that as much as we enjoy camping / RVing, we also enjoy our home life.  Taking that a step further, I learned that our lives aren't all about the next weekend trip.
 Conclusion:  When it comes to family time, more important than where we are is that we are together.
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  1. Lessons learned, life lived well in the process! Love you!