Friday, April 6, 2012

Indiana Dunes Tuesday, Saturday April 6, 2012 Edition

On Tuesdays from time to time, I post a photo or two of one of my favorite places, Indiana Dunes State Park.  To learn more about the Dunes, visit or

Site 136, Labor Day 2010.  We tent camped for two seasons.
To celebrate the upcoming camping season, I proudly present a brief photo gallery of our Indiana Dunes camping experiences.

Once we decided to embrace the camping lifestyle, we were ready to go.  We bought a tent and camping supplies on e-bay.  We tent camped for two years, then we were blessed with the pop-up camper we use today.

Site 117, Memorial Day 2011.  Love the pop-up!

Living the Camping Lifestyle!

The reward of another day's end.

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  1. I really, really can't wait to get back up there. That sunset is so beautiful on a clear day. May we enjoy many this summer.