Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working Wednesday - How to Step it Up in the Office

We fought the postage meter, and the postage meter won.
This past week we did without our Office Manager, away on bereavement for her husband's passing.

Life is no respecter or age, race, position, or busy season.

An already highly busy time just got busier.  Even though we are already into mandatory overtime for tax season, we were called upon to do more with less - to "step it up."

From a week of real life's experiences, here are some "how to step it up in the office" ideas:

This is when avoiding the "it's not my job" attitude really helps.  In today's world, do people still try to get out of assignments by saying that?  In small business there is not of redundancy in positions.  There is one office manager.  Without the office manager, everybody gets a piece of the action.

Be willing to learn new job skills.  I now know how to order and send a funeral floral arrangement.  Not a skill I want to use a lot, though.

If you are trying to learn a new job skill and are having trouble, be resourceful and creative in problem solving.  For example, we never did figure out the postage meter.  At least a real post office is just a few minutes away.

If a stress threatens to get the better of you or your co-workers, pray and assume the best of intentions.

Whether or not going to a viewing on a Friday evening is considered working hours, you still do well to attend anyway.  Personal connections are more important than work.

When a grieving co-worker comes back, go out of your way to give a welcome back.  It is appreciated.

Finally, when the six day work week is finally done, and there's finally some family time, hug and love your family, because time is short.

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  1. I think going to the post office would be a nice change of pace, but then, I am not under the kind of pressure that you are at the moment.