Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Theologian - Decisions, Decisions

Should I stay or should I go?  It is time to think about committing to another year of leadership.  This is my first year of serving as AWANA Journey Director, which is leading high schoolers in Bible study, Scripture memory, and activities (always looking for a chance to play Ultimate Frisbee)!  This year has been a good year.  Signing up again for another year seemed automatic, but I do not know...

Not many birthdays left before college!
  • Number 1 Son starts high school next fall.  I have a vision of stepping up and leading the effort.  He and I would go on a journey together, on in which very few youths get to go - educated at home through high school.  Even rarer is this being a father and son project.
  • On the other hand, I believe I have a gifting in teaching and leadership in youth ministry.  The AWANA young men and women are responding.  I'm growing in my leadership and presentation skills.
  • Then again, if I have an aptitude in teaching and leadership, where best to exercise it than at home?  Who am I if I neglect my opportunities at home to pursue them at church?
  • There's also the examples of my friends and peers that seem to do it all.  They excel in their careers, achieve eldership in church, and have their families.  Why can't I?
  • But, I am not them and they are not me.  For example, in AWANA, I have a lesson to prepare for Wednesday nights.  Meanwhile, as I go through my week, I am thinking about the outline, worrying about being prepared, always aware that I have a hard deadline.
  • So, I prioritize my deadline, something urgent over something important, specifically, as much engagement in my family as I want.
  • Fortunately, today it was a warm almost-spring day.  I did manage to put my responsibilities aside for a while to play soccer, frisbee, tag, and shoot BB guns with the kids.
  • And, it is not as if I am not involved in my local church.  Our family is also a small group leader.  We meet every other Friday with other families.
  • Although, when kids participate in Children's Ministries, parents are expected to help in some manner - co-op style.
  • Or, call it sweat equity. That's OK, somebody has to.  Sweat equity doesn't scare me.
  • On the other hand, a lot of sweat equity will be required because Number 1 Son starts high school next fall.  After he is two years in, Amazing Daughter starts high school.  After she is two years in, Number 2 Son starts.
It comes down to this, I think:  Given my particular skills and abilities, am I able to fulfill my vision of leading our family where few go - successful high school homeschooling - and serve in other teaching related church ministries?  Not only the number of hours in the day, but also my thought process.  Will I sacrifice one responsibility for the other.  If so, which?

A reliable friend says that decisions should not be made during tax season.  So, decisions, decisions to be made...

On Monday mornings, I consider my walk with God via His Son Jesus Christ, having finished Sunday morning worship and a weekend of family time.

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