Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Life Friday: Man vs. Iron

Duct tape fixes everything!  Again!
What do you get when you have a guy who does his own ironing, an iron whose base disconnected from the main part, and a roll of duct tape!

You get one less trip to Super Target (for now, I would presume - the seal is not water tight).

The vertical gray stripe is duct tape.

I was doing my slacks (all right, pants) and shirts for another week, and without warning, I found myself with two pieces of iron.  After a few minutes, I was back to work.  This week, it worked again.

So, men, yes YOU can do your own ironing.  Better yet, teach your kids to iron for you, pay them a dollar per piece, and you've set another budding entrepreneur on his/her path!  I haven't gotten that far yet.

But please, don't make your hardworking bride do this for you.

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