Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Time and Effort Pays Off

How sacrificing time and effort can turn into a good thing:

Recently I spoke during the closing ceremony of our church's AWANA (Wednesday night Bible club focusing on Scripture memory, lessons, and game time) about how being part of the leadership team benefitted me:
  1. The joy of obedience as I participate in the Great Commission given by Jesus at the conclusion of Matthew's gospel:  "Go, therefore, to all nations, and make disciples..."  If a group of young people are coming to church on a Wednesday night, what an opportunity!
  2. An opportunity to influence young people.  I wish someone would have done that for me when I was younger.
  3. An opportunity to make friends with other leaders.  Grown-ups need friends too.
  4. An opportunity to be an example to my family.  When my kids put on their AWANA shirts, I put on my AWANA shirts.  In fact, just like them, I'm accumulating a collection from the various age groups we've been in from pre-kindergarten through junior high (and counting).
Time is a precious commodity.  Start with 168 hours in a week.  Take out work, commuting, sleeping, showering (every Saturday whether I need it or not), I have about 27% of the week to lead my family.  Why send my kids to church when I can take them?

Something I need to keep in mind as I consider an expanded leadership role starting next year.

Craft a remarkable life by taking a leadership role in your kids' activities.  You will be blessed.

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