Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As If We Needed Another Reason to Homeschool

The principal with the incoming 4th graders
This post,, from forensic accountant Tracy Coenen, details how schools in Milwaukee spent over $16,000 per child.  Total US is $12,250.  Milwaukee's schools are a mess.

Our family spent $12,967 per person for everything, including a new camper, for the year ended this past May 31.  The camper is for field trips.  Education Expenses for things such as curriculum, dance lessons, and karate tuition were $882.86 per student in our homeschool.

But my point isn't really about money.  The point attempting to be made by "we need more spending" advocates is that the problem in the schools is that we need money.  The data posted by Ms. Coenen show the opposite.

My point is that I believe there is no correlation between money spent and quality of education.  We homeschoolers know that the "secret ingredient" is the commitment by the teacher to the education and training of the students.  Homeschoolers, as parents, are, in poker vernacular, "all in."  I revere the families that use little more than a library card!

Surely there are teachers in all areas of education (public, conventional private, in addition to home) who are committed to their students (and they are not necessarily named "Shirley".)  However, I cannot imagine anyone more committed to my children's success than my Darling Bride and me.

As if we needed another reason to choose homeschooling.

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  1. Yep. We are the pigs in the bacon and eggs of homeschoolers! :-)