Monday, May 10, 2010

Man vs. Weather

This is a story about a an avid outdoorsman who happens to work in the office as a Certified Public Accountant.  I dreamed of the day tax season would end, and my reward would be a trip to my idol favorite State Park, Indiana Dunes.  Another beautiful weekend (not)!  Seems as if the weather is great while I'm working in the office, and when the weekend hits, BAM! comes a cold front. Even the kids are noticing that the weekend has ushered in bad weather on a predictable basis.  A little tough for an outdoor loving Certified Public Accountant like me.

For Mother's Day we planned to participate in a bird watching event at Indiana Dunes State Park and National Lakeshore.  Did you know Saturday was International Migratory Bird Day?

See, fun for the whole family!  The barricades are for a project to restore a creek that flows into Lake Michigan.

Temperature dropped 25 degrees from the day before.  While I'm working, sunny and 75.  For my Saturday off, cloudy, windy, 49 degrees.  Wind speed is who knows how many knots.

Then again, we did to the most important things.  I wished my mother a Happy Mother's Day.  All 6 of us did watch a full length film about migration.  We saw a live presentation about a bird I never heard of before, Chimney Sweeps.  We had Pizza Hut!  We gathered information to begin a bird watching project at home to earn a National Lakeshore patch.  So a good day after all.

Here's to praying for better weather come camping season!

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