Friday, May 21, 2010

Girl vs. Judo

"...rejoice with those who rejoice..." - Romans 12:15

Today we celebrate a first in our family, a 1st place finish for athletic accomplishment!

Darling Daughter wins a Gold Medal in Judo from the Gospel Martial Arts Union, its Spring Tournament.

The win isn't really about pinning others to the mat Thursday night, it really is a victory in:
  • Deciding to pursue the discipline of martial arts (or shall we say "submitting to parents' authority when being taken to marital arts?")
  • Once at martial arts, "finding her own place" in the judo style
  • Desiring to learn the style
  • Desiring to compete at the end of year tournament
  • Listening to a coach
  • Practicing
  • Winning = overcoming
Our children are taller than their peers.  Long arms and legs make for difficulty in most sports because of coordination issues.  Finding places to excel, like martial arts, bicycling, hiking, etc. is a victory in finding an opportunity to glorify God by "using what you got!"