Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grown Up Snow Days

Today I get a snow day!  Hooray!  Grown ups like snow days too.  But I had to work for it:

Last night when leaving work I packed up a bag with my laptop and some client work.  Billable hours!

This morning I got up early, watched local news, listened to NOAA weather radio, gazed outside, thought, prayed, wondered, and decided to stay home.  Even with my 4 wheel drive Jeep.  That's OK because another co-worker did the same thing, and as we accountants say, "there's strength in numbers."

After working in the morning, then having lunch, it was time to dig out and clear the driveway.  While I'm at it, do some character building with #1 son.

And # 2 son and only daughter.
We were thorough, including the trampoline (great winter sport?!?).

But time to play and make snowforts, too!
Darling Daughter and I later discussed if snow is fun or work.  Verdict:  undecided.
So, have hot chocolate instead!

But I like spring and summer the best.  With all due respect, I would never, ever, consider a vacation that included going to a place with snow on the ground!

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  1. I'd have to politely deagree with you, darling. If I were given a trip to someplace with snow, and if you were coming along, and if there was a fireplace, and no where to go, I'd be very happy to vacation there!