Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Wins, Losses, Ties; Looking ahead to 2010

Pictured:  A great victory in 2009, discovering the joy of camping!

Scorecard for 2009 and looking ahead to 2010.

The best way to make New Years Resolutions is to evaluate the passing year to look areas that went well, not so well, and somewhere in between. Here's where I see my life and my family's life:

2009 personal and family victories, defeats, and ties.


Successful transition into new career with a vibrant and growing CPA firm.

Clearer family vision regarding the simpler, suburban homesteading transitioning, home and lifestyle we are pursuing.

The joy of camping and the great outdoors.

Progressive sanctification.

On target to be 100% debt free by Independence Day 2010.


A friendship turned business relationship that failed to meet expectations. Still struggling to accept the hard lessons God is trying to teach us through it. Surely something about planks in our own eyes?

Teachable and leadable family moments I did not fully capitalize on.

Other friendships and family relationships that get pushed farther away because there's not enough time to spend with everyone we ought.

Grief as extended family and friends struggle because they rely on themselves instead of God through His Son Jesus.

Ties (holding steady, neither a win nor loss yet):

Family business still holding on, not yet thriving, not shut down.

Changes in homeschool curriculum not quite what we want, but we are still learning and growing.

Looking ahead to 2010:

Job 1 is to transition out of a house that does not fit us into something closer to our dream.

Grow in my new job, balancing the privilege of work and the privilege of family.

Cultivate immediate family and extended family relationships.

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