Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Dream of Simplicity is Taking Clearer Focus...

My dream is so clear, I can almost reach out and touch it -

We will find an older house far enough from the city to be considered rural (we can do this and still shorten my commute time to work).

The hard wood floor was standard back then, not an upgrade like today.

Raised bed gardens are in process with cherry tomatoes, other vegetables, and other goodies on their way to our dinner table.

What we don't grow ourselves, we support our farming friends and neighbors when we can.

Nobody in Indiana grows oranges, though, so prudent shopping at the grocery.

But enough of food. The land provides the fun and excitement, not the TV.

Hiking and camping at a favorite state park. Learning the plant life.

But we're not killing our TV because of Antiques Roadshow, History Detectives, movies made before High Definition, and Netflix.

Smoky Mountain genre plays from the CD player. The only musical instrument I play is the CD player, so I appreciate the talents of others.

A porch swing for Darling Bride's Mother's Day gift.

I will learn my neighbor's names. Today I do not know the names of my neighbors to my immediate left and right.

We fulfill some ideas quoted in a book MADE FROM SCRATCH by Jenna Woginrich:

"You can make better decisions every day; you can learn the skills that make for a more independent way of living."

And these quotes from THE SIMPLE HOME by Sarah Nettleton:

"The simple home is not an end in itself, but the means by which we can enjoy our own simple pleasures whether they be the starry skies..."

"...unadorned, resolved of complexity, essential in its response to needs, balanced, the result of clear choices..."

"A simple home puts us in touch with the simple pleasures of life: the warmth of winter sunlight, the scent of flowers through an open window, a family meal at a communal table. By learning to appreciate the 'luxury of enough,' we can delight in the simple abundance of our homes' most basic pleasures."

Our family is getting a head start on our 2010 (and beyond) Resolutions. This weekend, or sometime soon, we will go looking for property.

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